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Life Master: The Practice Of Adaptive Satisfaction


Join NowHouse Education Group founder Jose Angel Castro for an introductory class of his timely 12-Session workshop on Adaptive 
Satisfaction, a practical system to embrace and adapt to an ever-changing world. Jose Angel will teach you a path to gaining more 
agency and direction in your life in these dynamic, uncertain times

and beyond.

GUIDED: 30-minute Relieve, Relax, Renew


Allow Jose Angel Castro to guide you on little 30-minute "trips" to lessen the anxieties of our times, become more aware of our moments, and appreciate that we are not alone.

This is a low cost, low commitment, high need, high yield way to give yourself a break that won't intrude on your day. Great from a home-office respite, a stress reliever, or jusrt a little reward for a job well done. This is a beautifully useful virtual experience. Let's go.

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