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Jose Angel Castro
Founder/Lead Instructor

Jose Angel Castro's personal mission is to be the best teacher you have ever had. This goal keeps him on his toes and makes him a passionate, knowledgeable, nurturing, straight-talking, communicative and compelling instructor offering clear guidance and real-life application of any subject he teaches. In short, he cares both about how each individual processes information and a presentation style that provides his students with reasons to “buy in” so the principles of his classes can be easily absorbed and retained. 

Jose Angel builds all of his coursework around experiential learning. As a lifelong artist and creative, he believes in project-based, product-driven classwork that is applicable to the real world. If you want to be a photographer, you have to shoot. If you want to be a dancer, get on the floor and dance. Want to make a dress? Put needle and thread to fabric.


We learn best when we do. We learn more deeply when we want to.

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